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Help for the Stressed out Caregiver

Caregiving Facts

  • There are between 18-25 million family caregivers in the United States

  • Family caregivers provide 2/3 of all home care services in the country

  • Six in 10 caregivers report working while caregiving (61 percent) and the majority have experienced at least one work-related impact (61 percent)

  • 65% of caregivers don’t get any help from family or friends

  • 70% of caregivers say that frustration is their most frequently felt emotion

  • Virtually ½ of all family caregivers say that they have suffered from prolonged depression

  • The economic effects of family caregiving can result in financial strain with substantial financial consequences.

  • Caregivers rate the change in family dynamics as the most difficult aspect of family caregiving

  • Stress caused by issues related to caregiving is a major factor in verbal and physical abuse

  • Caregivers are so overwhelmed by their responsibilities it can be difficult to find resources, even ones that are easily accessible

  • Caregiving issues can lead to conflict in families

(Statistics from AARP & NAC study 2020)

Surprises for the Caregivers

  • People are often not prepared physically, mentally or emotionally to meet the needs of their aging loved ones

  • Physical needs • Emotional needs • Psycho-social needs • Mental health issues

  • Special Needs of the Sandwich Generation • Caught between two very different generations • Pulled from both sides • Not enough inter-generational resources

Realistic Expectations what can we do to help??

  • Make Self-Care a PRIORITY

  • Ask for help. There are family and friends just waiting to be asked.

  • Work with Geriatric Care professionals who can help you tap into local resource and utilize your current support network. It's worth the investment.

  • Learn how to set boundaries with those around you.

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