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A Beautiful Sunrise – Just for Me!


However; a few weeks back I watched the sunrise from the balcony of my cabin on the Oasis of the Seas – alone. My first instinct was to find someone (anyone) to experience the grandeur of the sunrise over the ocean with me. I resisted the urge to run up and down the hallway knocking on doors waking people up to share this experience.

As I sat alone on my balcony I recognized that, though I was created a social being and my desire to share experiences is normal, many times I miss out on amazing moments because I feel some sort of necessity to have someone else involved as though having others participate makes it more real.

As I sat quietly watching the sunrise something remarkable happened, for the first time in a long time I was rejuvenated and inspired. That time alone moved me to create several blogs and experience a focus for the future that had been lacking since the passing of my Aunt Josie.

My take-away:

  1. Treat time alone as a precious commodity.

  2. Create alone times in your schedule when you can just Be.

  3. Don’t rush through your time alone – appreciate, enjoy and savor it as you don’t know when it may happen again.

  4. Make time DAILY to quiet your mind and your life if only for a few minutes.

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