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Acceptance vs. Change

I’ve been thinking alot about the word “acceptance” and trying to really grasp its meaning.

The definition is simply, a person’s agreement to experience a situation, to follow a process or condition (often a negative or uncomfortable situation) without attempting to change it, protest, or exit.

Sometimes we are placed in either difficult relationships, situations or circumstances that we do not choose to be in especially when it comes to being a caregiver. Now we have two options: we can choose to fight it, deny it exists and find ourselves miserable in dealing with these particular situations or people and therefore become depressed, anxious, or even physically ill.

On the other hand, we can choose to accept it, see it for what it is (a growing experience), try not to change it or them, and make the best of it. This, somehow, is not the easiest way and so many choose to instead bolt (fight or flight) and is the road less traveled but I have seen in my own life that when I quit running, faced it head on and accepted it, how it has brought maturity in me and brought peace into my life and created awesome memories which I would never have experiences had I not yeilded.

Life is hard let’s face it – but somehow the difficulty produces perfect patience, continued character, and grace beyond measure.

I encourage you to continue the course with expectation that something great is going to come of it all!

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