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Boundaries Make for Better Holidays

As “doers”, those who spend our time always doing for others, there is a certain level of guilt that comes into play when those happy holiday invitations begin to arrive.

We really don’t intend to over schedule ourselves, yet every year most of us do just that.  Why?  Concerned that we will hurt someone’s feelings or worse yet lose a friend, we have a hard time saying “no” and setting boundaries with the people around us.

Creating boundaries can dramatically change your life, as well as help you create more meaningful experiences during the holidays rather than running around so much that you wake up on January 1st wondering where November and December went!

Instead of holding your breath and waiting for the New Year to breathe, why not try something different? In my next few blogs I’ll share some tips on creating a season that feels more “Holly Jolly” than the “Grinch that Stole Christmas”.

Implementing these ideas might feel uncomfortable at first, however; with time and practice they can make your holidays and your life more enjoyable.

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