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Boundary Tip #3 – Order Out!

So this boundary tip may lead some to the realization that their dream of the perfect Martha Stewart holiday out the window; nevertheless this might be the tip that allows some people to have a more holly jolly holiday.

Ordering food, even if it’s not the entire meal, allows you to spend time with those people who you have invited to your home to share in the holiday celebration with you.  Now, knowing how family dynamics can lead many of us to want to hide out in the kitchen, then you should put on your Betty Crocker apron and cook your little heart out!

To the others who buy more food than anyone can possible eat in one much less four sittings, spend your entire day cooking and have never sat down to a hot, much less warm holiday meal while missing out on all of the family fun, this might help.

If the idea of ordering out makes you feel like a complete holiday failure there is another option – ask your guests to bring a side dish.  You can cook the turkey and ask your guest to bring an assigned side dish.  Assigning the items helps to increase variety and decrease duplication.

Food is an important part of our celebrations, however; spending quality time with family and friends is the most important part.  Enjoy the people you have chosen to spend the day with!  Food will be forgotten, people we spend time with will not.

I’m not done yet!  There are more tips to come…

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