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Celebrate Triumphs – No Matter How Large or Small!


However by doing that we end up focusing on a future negative that may (or may not) happen and miss out on celebrating the small victories such as a bone-scan coming back the same (meaning it showed no change or growth in the cancer which is a GOOD THING). Unfortunately we can miss out on celebrating these small victories because we focus on the “next appointment” 3-6 months ahead.

Sometimes it’s easier to focus on a foreseeable future when those results may say something different in order to not set ourselves up just to be let down when the next set of results come in.

Truth is that day may come but it’s NOT TODAY!!!

Today I am encouraging you to:


  2. Be present in the idea that today things are good.

  3. Today the cancer hasn’t changed, grown or spread HURRAH!!!

  4. In this moment the blood work is showing normal ranges YIPPEE!!!

  5. Do a HAPPY DANCE!

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