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DIY lessons in Caregiving – Part 2 – Painting

Part 1: lately I’ve been doing a lot of DIY (do-it-yourself) projects around my house.  While doing these different projects I have come to realize several things.

  1. Planning ahead is helpful

  2. Having the right tools is crucial

  3. Asking for help can make a big difference in the outcome

Today my focus is on having the right tools

So, one of these projects was painting our family room.  One would think when painting what you would need is paint, paint brushes/rollers and something to cover the floor right?  Well not exactly.

I gathered my supplies ready to attack the project head-on when I quickly realized something was very wrong.  My husband had purchased paint rollers over the years and I figured I would use those to paint the walls with.  However, I quickly learned that there is a difference in what tools you actually use to paint.  Though they were the right tools, the quality was not the best and it took me longer than it should have to paint just one wall as the roller kept sliding off of the handle every 5 seconds and I had to continually stop to readjust.  Though frustrated, I continued this same process on a second wall.  Finally I gave up and went to the hardware store.

At the store I spoke to several experts who knew just what item would work correctly and gave me some tips on painting techniques that would help the paint to go on smoother.  The next day when I started to paint with the new roller things went much smoother.  I finished the next 2 walls in a third of the time it had taken me the previous day and the paint looked better on those 2 walls (leading me to re-do the other 2).

So, how does painting my family room relate to caregiving? 

Caring for an elderly loved one requires us to search out the right resources/tools to help them as they age.  Tools could be home health support, evaluating different care facilities for long-term care needs or independent/assisted living communities.  Community support programs for shut-ins such as Meals-on-Wheels or volunteer programs for companionship.

Many times as caregivers we utilize only the tools we currently have which mostly involves us doing EVERYTHING ourselves while completely frustrated.

By taking some time to investigate and consult with experts in the community caregivers can find the proper tools/resources to help their loved one as they face physical and emotional challenges that can be associated with aging.

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