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Don’t Get Scammed!

Widespread scams targeting bank customers nationwide. Use caution when discussing your personal information, especially bank accounts over the phone as you could be chatting with a scammer, disguised a bank employee.

Here are some ways you can outwit the scammer

Verify only your name and secret question. Do not provide any additional account details. If they ask too many personal questions or ask for your full social security number, HANG UP!

Ask questions. Asking questions like “When’s the last time I called you?” may prompt the fraudster to hang up.

Deny requests for a one-time passcode. Most banks will never ask if they can text you a one-time passcode to verify your account. These scammers will.

Call your bank directly if something feels suspicious. Tell the caller you need to call them back and ask for the number you can use.  DO NOT call that number until you look at your bank information from either your statements or their website and confirm that the numbers are the same.  I do this every time I get a call from any financial institution.

Better to be cautious than careless with your personal information. Stay safe out there!

Reference: Ally Bank

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