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Don’t Roll the Dice with Your Health

I recently met a woman named Madeline in a rehab facility while visiting a family

She then said “It’s my own fault I had the stroke, I went off my blood thinners in anticipation of a procedure with a specialist and didn’t talk to my primary doctor before doing it.”

I found her story very insightful and wanted to share some ways to be pro-active when it comes to multiple care providers.

  1. Don’t assume that your doctors communicate with each other.

  2. Always bring either a list of your current medications with times daily and dosage or the actual bottles to every appointment with every doctor (including your dentist).

  3. If you have scheduled a test or procedure with a specialist call your primary doctors office to make them aware of it. 

  4. When having any tests run, ask them to send a copy of the results to your primary doctor as well.

  5. You have the right to get copies of your medical records and tests results.  Make sure to ask for a copy for your personal records.

We can’t all be in the right place at the right time when a health emergency occurs, however; by communicating with your primary doctor about upcoming tests and procedures you may be able to steer clear of potential life threatening issues.

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