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Encouragement by Mail

Postman delivering mail

As I entered college these “lunchbox notes” became encouragement by mail.  She maintains this pattern of encouragement today, not just with me but with other family members and friends.  Following in her footsteps, though not as closely; I will from time to time send out a random card to those around me just because I am thinking of them.

With the convenience of posting messages via FB, Twitter and email why bother sending a card in the mail?  In an age where electronic correspondence is the norm, most mailboxes are filled with bills and advertisement, so receiving a hand written letter or card creates a joyful experience at the mailbox of the addressee.

In ancient times (way back in 1900’s) people communicated via mail with family and friends in other areas of the country and world.  Handwritten letters were something of an art form and the writer took great care in expressing their thoughts and feelings about the beneficiary of the letter.  As technology took over as the primary form of communication, this type of correspondence became almost obsolete as it takes about a second to send an email or post a comment on a social media site.

Sitting down and writing a letter or sending a card takes intention, thought and time.  Something that, in our fast-paced world, is in short supply.  However; it doesn’t have to be time-consuming and the lasting impression on the part of the person receiving the encouragement is priceless.

Tips on Encouragement by Mail:

  1. You don’t have to write War & Peace, sometimes it enough to write “I’m thinking of you today”.

  2. Keep cards, stamps and an address list handy so as to easily access them as someone comes to your mind.  (Your local Dollar Store most likely sells boxes of note cards)

  3. Get in the habit of random card sending. (OK I know that being in the habit of something random is somewhat of an oxymoron, however; if you start with 1 day a month to send out cards to the people in your life you will then begin to increase the frequency of that “random habit” over time)

  4. Start today!  There are people in your life who need encouragement and taking 5 minutes to send it could make a huge difference in their life.

Make the effort today to send a note of encouragement and love to someone in your life who has been on your heart and mind.  You will be amazed by what happens.

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