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Guest Blog: Christmas Ideas for Caregivers



Although it is naturally the caregiver’s job to help the patient with grooming, bathing, eating, taking medications and many others, it is still very nice to feel or hear that all his efforts are appreciated. Even simple gestures such as a smile, pat, and nod or words of affirmation such as “thank you,” “I truly appreciate it,” or a short Thank You card will truly make your caregiver’s day.

Listening ear

Caregiving is an intense job. What other people might think is routine actually entails frustrations, heartbreak as well as triumphs. With all these thrown at caregivers everyday, it is but normal to ask for a listening and empathic ear once in a while. If you truly want to make your caregiver happy, be open and listen to what he has to say – without judging. It helps a lot to be able to vent out these feelings and emotions. If you don’t know what advice to give, just listen. Listening is still helping.

Positive reinforcement

Caregivers are open to suggestions and comments. In fact, they love to know your opinion. However, they would hate it if you would deliver it in a harsh manner. If you have to say something that you don’t like about your caregiver, don’t say it in a demeaning way. On the other hand, if you love something about your caregiver, don’t hesitate to say it. What is it that you admire about them? Positive reinforcement keeps your caregivers going.


Aside from their primary task of taking care of patients, caregivers are sometimes tasked to go Christmas shopping, decorate the house, and send greeting cards, on top of other household chores. Instead of telling your caregiver how exhausted he looks, why not lend a helping hand? Since your caregiver has his hands full, don’t wait for him to instruct you what to do. The best thing to do is to observe, jump in and help.


While some caregivers enjoy adventure and fun, others want a nice day off, free from routine responsibilities. Give your beloved caregiver a time to sleep, or get a massage. Once he’s back from his mini-vacation, he’ll be super energized!

More often than not, gifts like the ones above are those that leave a lasting impression, compared to material gifts. Can you think of other memorable gift ideas for your caregiver? Share them here!

Melissa Page

Melissa Page

About the author: Melissa Page is a passionate writer and social media contributor who works with successful companies such as Staff Care. When she’s not writing, she plays bowling with her friends.

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