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I Have A Dream

I was raised in a musical family and as a young girl I would often dream of seeing myself perform in front of thousands of people. I am fortunate to have seen that dream come to pass and am priveledged to have traveled on a national scale, sing in front of thousands, recorded many (cassettes and one CD), been on Worldwide Television and on the top of the radio charts. And I say, so what – who cares!

Over the course of my time on the road and being in full-time ministry, I can remember hearing speakers across the nation declaring that “You must find out what special ministry God has called for you to do…” and always felt like I had to do more – and / or was never doing enough. Yes, I was making a great living doing what I had always dreamed of doing and yet, would often feel empty.

I’m a million miles away from that phase of life and have come to understand the true meaning of life – living, loving and giving for/to others. That, is what fulfills us – as humans. To completely turn from living life for ourselves, to living a life for others.

I’ve been blessed with so many great friends and neighbors since moving to the Midwest. Many of whom I have been fortunate to have forged genuine friendships.

We have laughed together, cried together, and broken bread together. And at times when my body is tired and I’d rather just come inside, close the door and spend some quiet time alone – I’ve given that up graciously to pack a bag and spend the night watching over a neighbor and friend after a tragic accident, to make a meal for a family whose daughter died suddenly, or to have a drink with another who is missing her husband and best friend who passed away last year.

And you know what? I know that if the tables were turned, they would all do the same for me.

You see, life is not about how much I can obtain and gather into my life for me – It’s about giving what I have or don’t have – to those in need. And that is more fulfilling than being on stage and traveling the world.

Greater love has no man than this that he lay down his life for his friends.”

Photo Credit: Dreaming, Kristin’s Fine Art

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