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I’m Fine!


Several years ago I was at a wonderful presentation by Greg Risberg on Hugs & Hope.  During the program Greg went though the different hug “techniques” and then talked about the use and meaning of the word “fine”.  Have you ever noticed that in passing conversations when asked how things going, most of us answer “fine”? Recently at a doctor’s appointment when asked how I was feeling I answered “fine”.  We use this word to mean “OK” or “alright” or, if said with clenched teeth to our spouse “you really stepped in it this time buddy” (lol).  Become aware of how often this word is used in our day to day lives by those around you without even realizing it. It’s a passing response to a random question usually asked out of politeness.

Anyway, during his seminar Greg shared his definition of the word “Fine”:

  1. Frustrated

  2. Irritated

  3. Neurotic

  4. Exhausted

Sounds more like what most of us are truly feeling right???  So what steps can we take to change our “fine” into “fabulous”?

Points to Ponder:

  1. No matter what is going on in the world around you that you cannot control, you can always control your response to it.  Being “fabulous” is a choice that you can make right now and the responses you receive will continue to lighten your spirit.

  2. Let your face know what’s going on.  You can’t be fabulous with a sour puss.  Try spending today being conscious of your demeanor and put a smile on your face.  Maybe even say a random “hi” to people you pass in the grocery store who look like they just sucked on a lemon.  Smiles are contagious! (no joke try it!)

When someone tells you they are “fine” respond with “sorry to hear that” and watch how a real conversations evolves from that simple response.  It will affect your life in ways you could not even dream of.

Choose to be fabulous today!  Smile randomly and become contagious!

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