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I Wish I Were an Idiot

  1. Get my name and picture in countless magazines and newspapers for my reckless bad-mannered antics.

  2. Be offered a contract with a major publisher to write a “how to get paid for being stupid” book that my “people” would contract with a large PR agency to promote for me all over the country and make it a “best seller”.

  3. Secure interviews on national radio and TV shows to discuss how to become famous for antics related to: DUI arrests, sex videos, my 10th time in rehab or being married for less than a minute.

  4. Have my own reality show so weekly viewers could witness firsthand what an idiot I am.

  5. Hold major political office and conduct myself in such a corrupt fashion that it would win me national attention and a spot on the Apprentice.

…but I’m not.

I’m merely someone who recognizes that there are an estimated 65 million Americans who are caring for an aging loved one and passionate enough to create resource books and programs that would help them find the support and resources they desperately need.

This passion has prompted me to…

  1. To write and publish 2 books: Along Comes Grandpa, a caregiving resource guide, and If I Walked In Her Shoes, a novel addressing elder-care issues.

  2. Produce, finance and distribute marketing and promotion for my books and speaking.

  3. Launch AgingInfoUSA, a providing education and training to educate and empower family caregivers in the workplace.

  4. Finance the marketing of AgingInfoUSA to corporations whose bottom line is being affected annually upwards of $33 billion a year in lost revenue due to caregiving issues.

My commitment to help family caregivers isn’t flashy or exciting.  However; issues related to caregiving will affect each of us at some point in our lives.

So today I am asking you to partner with me in spreading the word about books that can make a difference to millions of family caregivers.  Visit: for more information about the books.

(If a drunk and disorderly “Reality Star” can sell over 25,000 books about herself, I would be hopeful of selling at least twice that number of books that actually help people!)

About the Author: Sue Salach

Sue has worked in the geriatric healthcare field for 20 years and is the Founder and CEO of AgingInfoUSA, LLC.  Sue employs her comprehensive experience and enthusiasm to assist corporations in creating innovative programs to reach out to employee caregivers in the workplace. As a National Speaker, Sue utilizes her personal and professional experiences to educate and empower employees on the work/life affects of caregiving.  Sue’s unique humor laced programs address significant issues affecting our fast-paced lives.

Sue was the 2010 recipient of the YWCA Marguerite Henry Leadership Award for Communications/Technology and the Influential Women in Business Award from the Business Ledger and NAWBO. AgingInfoUSA received the 2010 Excellence in Business Award from the Business Ledger and was nominated for the Chicago Innovation Award.

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