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Ignoring the obvious

Anywhoo! I had a coupon for Pearl Vision in my local neck of the woods, so I made my appointment, had the exam, went through the whole “upsell” process to which I despise and said, “just give me my glasses I don’t need any bells and whistles” (though now I wish I would have paid extra for the sunglasses).Then I went home and waited to pick them up. I wound up having to take them back (progressive lens) because the reading part was not right – I couldn’t see to read at ALL (but that’s a whole other blog post).

When I picked up my glasses I remember watching TV for the first time with them. I thought, “Holy Crap, I wasn’t aware I was so blind.” Everything looked as if it was in 3-D. It was amazing. I was aware of my squinting to watch TV and that my eyes would become tired while on the computer any length of time, but had no idea the severity of it. Nick (that’s my husband) would always say, “That V in your forehead certainly is getting bigger” and he was always quick to point out how dirty things were in the house but until I had my new glasses – I didn’t see very much detail, especially the dirt.

Now, when I clean, I make sure to wear my glasses and I’m amazed by what I can see.

Sometimes in life, we do the same things. Maybe not intentionally, or maybe intentionally. I know myself, when I don’t want to see the dirt I don’t put my glasses on and can somehow mentally, justify not having to do anything about it. Occasionally, I am guilty of wanting to ignore the obvious.

For instance, we are aware of what is happening around us; Maybe our parents are getting older and are coming to the place where they are going to need our attention and assistance, yet we choose not to look at the signs and hope it will all go away. I’m guilty! Maybe it also takes others, (like my husband) who are close to us, to point out the things we don’t see or don’t WANT to see.

I’m so happy with my new set of eyes because – without them, I was missing out on so much. And maybe if in life we choose to accept the things that are inevitable and roll with it, we just may see the beauty along the way.

It’s all in our perspective. So put your glasses on – you just might be missing something!


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