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Initiatives for Working Caregivers – Educational Programs Brought Into The Workplace

25% of employees in are involved in elderly care activities

64% are of caregivers are employed full or part-time

65% of elder caregivers are between the ages of 18 and 64

The same study identified working caregivers top needs as:

37%- Finding time for themselves

28%- Managing stress & guilt

27%- Balancing responsibilities

Many of us are struggling with the emotions, logistics, and guilt of supporting our loved ones through a series of medical emergencies and yet are continuing with our work responsibilites in the workplace. We sometimes need education on what resources are available in helping us care for our loved ones and we also need support in this caregiving journey.

By bringing educational forums and presentations into the workplace brings potential benefits to both employers and employees in helping cut down on FMLA leave, loss productivity and a much needed service to caregivers in the workplace.

Elder caregivers often devote up to 70 hours per week to care for family members and loved ones. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that caring can wreak havoc with the physical, emotional, and psychological well-being of caregivers. They can feel isolated, burned out and very alone, all of which impacts their employers bottom line and can threaten a companies most valuable resource, its people!

AgingInfoUSA brings these educations presentations and events into the working world, inside the corporations and villages. Sue Salach, President, Founder and CEO of AginginfoUSA says, “We have been seeing great results from providing these events in helping others to:

Better learn the process of caregiving

Receive help in managing their fears and concerns Obtain resources for help with all aspects of caregiving including health, financial, legal, social, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects

Help employers understand and quantify the issues, impacts, and costs associated with an aging workforce and population, and the mushrooming numbers of working family caregivers

Identify and provide resources to help employers of all sizes address these workplace issues and reduce associated costs

Employers who participate in AgingInfoUSA’s education programs can expect: A low-cost solution to caregiving issues for those looking for effective solutions for their employees and managers.

Identification of caregiving issues within their workforce through on online surveyAn analysis of organizational and employee needs and justifications of a business case for implementing the right kinds of eldercare or caregiving programs Development of affordable solutions to costly problems.

Reduction of costs. Identification of outside resources.

AgingInfoUSA recognizes the need for local perspective to this national issue. Until now Chicago area caregivers have lacked the resources they need to thrive at work while maintaining their commitment to family. 

About AgingInfoUSA

AgingInfoUSA is a dynamic organization dedicated to connecting corporations with the resources needed to assist their employees who are caring for elderly parents, relatives and friends. We offer a Resource Network of health and senior care providers along with educational forums that will assist in guiding your employees through the continuum of services available to help them balance their work and home life more effectively

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