Is there life outside of caregiving?

When you realize that your life is not defined by being a caregiver, you’ll reach outside of yourself and do things to balance your life as a caregiver.  These things have absolutely nothing to do with your loved one. 

Things like:

  1. Spending a few hours out on the town just pampering yourself

  2. Getting a one-hour massage

  3. Taking up a hobby which may be something that you longed to do but didn’t think you  had time for

  4. Reinventing your wardrobe

  5. Getting a make-over

  6. Writing your first novel

This list could be endless.  Just think about what a balanced life as a caregiver is all about.  What is it that you would like to do that’s just about you? Do that.

Care-giving can often feel like a thankless job.  Isn’t it time you start thanking yourself by recognizing who you REALLY are?

(taken from Michelle Howard Smith, Stress Relief for Caregivers)



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