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Living a Big Life

We’ve all heard the expression “Go big or Go Home” at one point or another.  For some reason this past

By small I mean doing just enough to make it look good and not too much as to not set myself up for failure when I can’t keep it up.  In reality, it really is “enough”.  I have a nice home, decent marriage and can bring home the occasional buck from my business and my books.  I look around me and evaluate my output of energy and resources as compared to my friends and neighbors and in comparison I’m actually a little above the bell curve.

However; when I’m living a small life I’m depriving my husband of extra love and encouragement that would make our marriage exceptional, I miss out on opportunities for growth in my business or to reach out more with sharing my books because I play into stories of how I’m too small to make a real difference, I choose to be idle instead of in action.

There are many reasons, excuses and hurdles that keep us from living a big life, but what if today, right here, right now, we all chose differently.

What if we all decided that living a big life was not only possible but would change our lives in such a mighty way that we would never want to go back to living small in any part of our life?

Big Life Points to Ponder:

  1. In what areas of my life am I living small? (Work, relationship, family, friends, volunteering, church…etc)

  2.  What could be the possibilities for those different areas if I chose to live big?

  3. What lives could be changed in a positive way if I were in action?

  4. What simple changes could I make today to begin to live a big life?

I believe that we are all meant for greatness in this world, it may not bring us monetary success, however; it will affect and change the lives of the people around you in a mighty way.  This doesn’t mean there wont be obstacles, hurdles and disappointments, what it will mean is that you will be reacting in a new and powerful way to those set-backs and continue to live a big life.

Starting today make this your new motto: Go Big or Go Home!!!!

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