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Living Each Day with Purpose

I can relate to this concept.  I have found that much of both my business and personal life is spent in a “programmed” state doing the same things day in and day out and, ironically, being “surprised” when I get the same result as usual.  The same could be said when an aging loved one is in need of care.  I often go into auto-pilot, doing what I have always done instead of evaluating each person and situation as a unique opportunity to learn and grow.  I have also perceived the tasks associated with taking a loved one to doctor and other appointments as an imposition instead of an opportunity to spend time with someone I love.

Then there are those days when I deviate from my daily mindless existence and focus on creating a day full of purpose and opportunity.   A day where I am inspired to utilize my creativity and the associated tasks have a common objective; to create something new and different in my day and life.

If truth be told, living my “mindless life” seems much easier, yet unsatisfying.  Being intentional about creating purpose in my day involves resolve and determination, along with the following actions:

Each day I need to

  1. GENUINELY evaluate the way in which I usually go about my day and expose habits I have developed that have brought me to this state of being.

  2. Allow myself to think BEYOND what I have come to believe is possible (see Break Out of Your Box) and allow myself to imagine achieving the impossible (no matter how impractical it may seem) in my life and coming up with unique ways to achieve my goals.

  3. Craft reminders (that I place around my home and office) that trigger me to be deliberate and present throughout my day and with the people I am with, especially those I am caring for (see Your Presence is Requested).

Changing the way that we approach each day can be challenging.  However, with focus and determination, the potential rewards of intentional living outweigh the uncomfortable steps needed to achieve a daily life of purpose and connectedness with those around us.

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