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My guardian angels are black

While sharing my story, I felt compelled to share a few “angel encounters” I’ve had over my lifetime. I’m not sure why, who knows. While contemplating this morning on what to share with you, my readers (all thousands of you) HA – I felt I would share a few of those very experiences.

Some of you know that I used to travel full-time, singing Gospel music with my then husband. One day we were scheduled to sing at a large Senior Citizens event. Something had happened between he and I and I was so mad at him and thought, “I’ll just go in there and sing but I won’t talk to him, I’m mad and I’m going to hang on to it”……As he was finishing setting up the equipment I decided I would go sit out in the entrance way. I found a seat next to this little old black woman who was apparently having a great discussion with herself, but making no sense whatsoever. I was sitting there thinking of how mad I was at him and becoming more angry by the minute when at once, it was as if this woman snapped out of her craziness and looked at me and said with complete clarity, “You need to go in there, apologize to your husband and make things right.” I admit, I almost had an accident in my pants. It scared the battookey out of me. Of course I ran right in there and made things right. I knew it was a supernatural encounter.

The second time was when I was separated from my husband at the time. I was in a real “funk” and trying to sort out my mess. I had left home and had been gone for about four months, trying to “find my way”……I was out at this night club in town and was just sitting there when I noticed a black guy over by the door sitting down. He wasn’t drinking, or smoking (not that that has anything to do with anything, just humor me), and he motioned for me to come over to where he was. I was intrigued, so I went over there. The very first thing he said to me was, “What are you doing in a place like this? You don’t belong here. You need to go home to your husband and your daughter.” Now, I didn’t know this guy from Adam’s house cat (that’s a southern thang) …so once again, I knew it to be a supernatural experience. An Angel, if you will. Of course, I went home within the next couple of days.

Back last year, my daughter was going through some difficult times. She is still in Alabama and trying to figure out her life, and making some difficult decisions and like all of us, has encountered some bumps along life’s way. She called me in January and told me: “Mom, I was mad at dad and had stopped by the convenience store to buy smokes. When I walked out of the store, this black guy came up to me and said ‘You need to go home and make things right with your Father. And that guy you keep hanging with is not the right guy for you.'” He went on to say a few more personal things that I won’t share, but you get the jest. And by the way, I had never told her the above instances that happened to me. Coincidincle? I think not.

I’m not sure why God uses black angels with me and my family (you know you wanna laugh), but I think it’s fantastic! Especially, being from the South and having to put up with so much prejudice (I hate that kind of stuff and was never raised like that) so I think it’s hysterical.

In the end, He will do whatever – to guard us, to keep us, and to help us stay on track. At least, I am a firm believer in that. Be on the look out, you just may be entertaining angels, unaware!


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