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Rejoice in the Small Victories

Unintentionally, by focusing on a future negative result that may (or may not) happen, we can fail to acknowledge the small victories – such as a bone-scan coming back the same (meaning it showed no change or growth in the cancer which is a GOOD THING). Regrettably we overlook the opportunity to celebrate these small victories because once we leave the doctor’s office we begin to focus on the “next appointment” in 3-6 months.

Focusing on what seems like an imminent future outcome can have some benefit when it leads to putting in place a plan for potential future health care needs.  Conversely, it can rob us of the joy of present time spent with our loved one.  The reality is, outside of a new treatment and/or miracle (which could happen), negative test results are a possibility sooner or later, but NOT TODAY!!!

Today I encourage you to:


  2. No matter what the test results say, REJOICE in time together TODAY! 

  3. If today, or during your last appointment, the cancer hasn’t changed, grown or spread SHOUT HURRAH!!!

  4. If in this moment the blood work is showing normal ranges (even if it pertains to the continuance of your chemo treatment) share a YIPPEE!!!

  5. If you are alive today – do a HAPPY DANCE!

I understand how stressful the thought of the cancer spreading can be.  Trust me I KNOW!!

Nonetheless, expending a good portion of your emotional energy being nervous about an unknown future can deprive you of peace, joy and the appreciation for another day of life, love and family.

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