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Reruns and Other Important Information

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Much like TV of old, I often re-post previous blog posts. I do this for several reasons

  1. New people are regularly signing up for my blog feed and need the information and support from past posts.

  2. Those of you who have been loyal readers (thank you), often share that re-reading the post can offer a new insight for them that they may have missed during the initial posting as circumstances have changed or they did not need the information or support when I first posted it.

  3. As I connect with people throughout the country I frequently feel moved to re-post a blog as I take notice of recurring areas of challenge for family caregivers.

  4. Finally, I started this blog to help support family caregivers and I know from my own experience, sometimes we need to hear things several times to get the message and/or encouragement we need.

Therefore, I encourage you not to dismiss a blog post if you have read it before but to re-read it through a new lens. Then share it with other people in your life because you never know, someone you share it with might be in need (or know someone else in need) of that exact information and/or message of hope.

For more information/support visit:

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