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Sexy Siren goes from Movie Star to Caregiver

Mesa, Arizona –She was hot stuff in the Philippine movie scene in the 90s. These days, former sex siren Klaudia Koronel is a caregiver in Mesa, Arizona.

Koronel, whose real name is Milfe Dacula Zhang, does not depend on her care giving job to survive. She has the trappings of rich American suburban wife. She lives in a ten-bedroom mansion and drives a luxury car.

But despite her affluent lifestyle, Koronel felt that something was missing.

Koronel has a degree in computer science, but could not land a job in that field sue to the tough job market in Arizona, which was hit hard by the recession.

So, she opted to be a caregiver–primarily to fight loneliness when her husband is away on business.

Koronel said she works to send money to her mother in the Philippines. “When my mom asks for money, I don’t want to ask my husband. I’m not used to it,” she said.

When her husband of two years found out what his wife was doing, he bought her a care home to manage, a business that fills her days and brings her much joy.

But the former actress admitted she misses her old life in show business. But she assured her fans that she will make the most of her life in the U.S.

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