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The need for a good belly laugh during a sucky week!

I am used to really nice weather almost year round and plenty of sun. Born a native Floridian and transplant to the Southeast part of Alabama we are born to love the sun and heat. Having no sun for months on end is truly something that one must adjust to and I’m trying, I really am.

Along with the Winter blues and lack of sun I started out the beginning of this week with a BANG!

While sitting in on a business meeting in Skokie, IL I noticed my wallet had been stolen and the perpetrators were already having a hay day with all my credit cards (personal and business). AND my Alabama Drivers license was in there (which I had refused giving up at the slight chance I had the opportunity to move back home). Not really, just that I had purchased my license before my husband decided we were moving back to Illinois and once we were here I just kept putting it off.

So I have spent the majority of this week at two banks cancelling credit,debit cards and accounts, refreshing myself with the drivers handbook, trying to prove to the DMV that I am who I say I am and having to take not only the written test but the driving test, (spending a whole day there) calling all my bill-pay partners and changing all my information over, finding more items that were stolen that I forgot about and this week has pretty much been a wash! I feel as if I had to put my business on hold for five days.

So during all of this, stressed out and my face breaking out like I’m once again going through puberty, my husband somehow knew that I really could use a good hour and a half belly laugh. He said “we’re going to watch The Great Outdoors” to which I was willing for any kind of distraction from the craziness that I was experiencing through all the effects of the stolen wallet saga.

I laughed so hard almost all the way through that movie. I could not believe I had never

This movie, funny as heck and reminded me of the many camping trips my parents took all five of us kids on when we were growing up (all bunked up in one tent and complaining the whole time) yet even still, making treasured memories. I finished the movie with a warm, fuzzy, feeling.

Sometimes we just need to clear the clutter of chaos if even for a moment and get away from the messiness of life and put in a funny movie, go to the movie theater, get on the train and go to the city, spend time with family, or just get away and read a book.

The key is: remembering to laugh in spite of all the chaos that comes our way!

A merry heart does good like a medicine.”

I hope you all have a fun, happy, memorable weekend and that you take time to enjoy the blessings around you. Forget about the chaos of the week – you can always catch up with that next week 🙂

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