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The secret to being still

But something happens if we continue to run full speed ahead without taking the time to stop and reflect along the way. To do a little self-reflection, meditation, or to connect with God. We may not only lose our loved ones along the way, take a detour down a long dark lonely road, but we may lose a piece of ourselves and most importantly – wind up in a chaotic whirlwind where we don’t know which way is up!

Yesterday I came across a great blog that reminded me of the importance of sitting in silence. You can find it here.

The Hardest Lesson

Why is it that one of the hardest things for us to do is to sit in silence? Perhaps we’re afraid.

It’s so important to make time to sit, listen, reflect on what’s going on inside of us because of the noise around us. In fact, it’s imperative that we make a change. That we cut out some time in our daily lives to be still.

We’re so conditioned to “do” and to “be” so we think that inactivity means no progress. When in all actuality – we are ever progressing even though we may not see it at the moment. Times of reflection, meditation and prayer are all a part of great spiritual activity.

Awhile back, I remember going to pick up a prescription for Nick. He had come down with bronchitis. This was after he had been laid off and our insurance was no longer in affect so needless to say, I was a little nervous on the way to the pharmacy. When the cashier told me that it was going to be $170.00 for 7 pills I almost went into cardiac arrest but instead (and because there seems to be no filter on this mouth) I said to her Wow! I would stand to gain more with the life insurance money if I just let him die!” To which she looked at me in total amazement as I walked away.

I was stewing inside – mad as a wet hornet! I will never forget the drive home. I heard that little voice inside say “Look down on the seat” and I looked down to read on the prescription bag the word “still” in HUGE letters and I heard “Be still – and know.” I was reminded to quiet myself and trust – in spite of what I was experiencing at the moment it was all going to be okay. That this too, shall pass.

Most days I try to get up earlier than the rest of the crew (Nick and the dogs) to ensure I have my quiet time to read, reflect, and meditate. To regroup from the chaos of the previous day. And to gain a different perspective – a bigger picture mindset, if you will. I find it keeps me focused, at peace, and on track. And that’s important in this loud and busy world in which we live.

Photo Credit: Nicolas Valentin – Flickr

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