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The Windex Perspective


While cleaning my “getting ready” mirror I realized that the layer of dust was so thick that it was actually impairing the way I saw myself (which was somewhat troubling as I’m not sure what I looked like leaving the house after using that mirror to put on make-up – we could be talking scary clown).

Anyway, as I marveled at my new perspective, the thought came to me – how much of our lives do we look at through a layer of muck that if removed would give us a healthy new perspective on our lives?

How often do we look at situations or relationships in our life through a perspective impaired by years of grime caused by hurt feelings, perceived wrongs and stories we’ve made up about how we were treated based completely on our emotions and not in any real facts?

How different would situations and people in our lives look to us if we cleaned away the years of baggage that we attach to our present day interactions and start seeing things in a new way?

Each day brings with it a new opportunity to do and see things differently.  Opportunities for change are all around us.  The good news is creating and seizing these opportunities is completely our choice.  All we need to do is take out the Windex and spritz it on our perspective.

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