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What’s all this work/life balance crazy talk

Balancing work and family means something different for each individual family. For


These effective tips on how to balance work and family are written from the perspective of a two parent household or a household with children that are old enough to take on some of the basic chore responsibilities around the home. Most of the tips can be adapted to meet a single parent’s agenda.

  1. Part of learning how to balance work and family means learning how to delegate chores and successfully divide the household chores up in a fair and equal manner. Everyone who lives in the house is responsible for its cleanliness.

  2. Delegate work responsibilities as well so that you are less likely to be called on during your time off. When your staff or team knows how to handle stress it reflects more time back at you.

  3. Two parent households are also responsible for caring for the children on an equal level. When one parent checks out of the parenting role it leaves all the really hard work left on the shoulders of the other parent. Sometimes a parent opts out because he or she isn’t trusted to parent the “right way” and sometimes they check out because it’s easier to let someone else handle behavioral issues. Two parent households need two active parents in order for both parents to balance work and family life.

  4. Life is loaded with choices. Some of those choices pit balancing work and family against each other. Sometimes you have to choose to stay late at work, pick up the over time, or devote your evening hours to a project. Most often the motivation is money. Knowing that absolutely nothing comes before your family means that you will carefully consider what you are giving up for the evening versus how much that time is actually worth.

  5. By making your family’s fun and play time one of your highest priorities, right under their health and general happiness, you will see that finding a true work-family life balance is priceless and a bigger house or a newer car isn’t going to change how your family feels about their time to together.

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