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What’s the impact of caregiving on your business?


Below are a few brief – yet eye-opening – statistics on how this rapidly growing issue affects businesses.

Recruitment, Retention and Training

At any given time, more than 20% of the workforce is dealing with a caregiving situation.

  1. 33% of caregivers decrease the number of hours they work

  2. 29% quit their job or retire early

  3. 22% take a leave of absence

  4. 20% change their job status or go part-time

Lost Productivity

  1. 53% of caregivers admit that their job performance is negatively affected

  2. 84% make caregiving related phone calls during business hours

  3. 68% arrive late or leave early

  4. 67% take time off from work during the day

Increased Healthcare Cost

Even when your employees are caring for someone not covered by your health plan, YOUR healthcare cost can go up.

  1. 75% of working caregivers report an adverse effect on their own health

  2. 50% report 8 additional visits per year to a health care provider (for themselves) as a result of their caregiving responsibilities

  3. 22% report a significant impact on their own health(Statistics taken from National Caregivers Library)

Utilize the Eldercare Calculator, a cost analysis tool at to evaluate the cost of caregiving on your bottom line.

AgingInfoUSA, LLC – Collaborating with companies to create solutions that support employees and alleviate the cost of family caregiving on your bottom line.

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