This is one of the first books to address caregiver needs and issues in one concise story. It is the story of a relationship between two very different generations, separated by almost sixty years, which at times is funny, heartfelt, sad, and moving, and at all times honest.

Author Sue Salach thought she knew just about everything she needed to know to assist people in finding resources they needed to care for an aging loved one. Then, Along Came Grandpa. Caring for him gave the Author a new perspective. Although she had years of professional experience, until she walked in the shoes of a caregiver, she didn’t really have the full understanding of how overwhelming caring for someone can be.

Salach is painfully honest about how difficult it is to be the caregiver, the family member, the cheerleader, the doctor, the nurse, and the care coordinator. We are all those things and more when we assume the role of caregiver for a loved one. Unfortunately, the relationship changes and we no longer get to be the granddaughter, wife, mother, father,or husband when we assume the caregiver role.

Along Comes Grandpa